Leadership coaching : Examples of missions

Team coaching – European Division of an international industrial group

In a highly competitive context, build a shared vision of the Division’s challenges and a road map to proceed to the necessary changes in its management culture.

  • Reinforce cohesion within a multi-cultural management team
  • Develop a solid sense of belonging to a management community sharing a common vision
  • Facilitate cooperation and synergies between team members in order to support the transformation

Quicker and more effective deployment of sensitive change projects.

Team coaching – Field managers in a transportation group

In a context of cost cutting, engage field managers in the transformation of the management culture

  • Develop a result and a cost control oriented culture down to blue collar level
  • Grow field managers ability to work together thanks to monthly co-development workshops
  • Reinforce a culture of management responsibility
  • Reinforce a culture of management responsibility
  • More effective cross-functional communication flows