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Forthomme Partner’s Learning Expeditions offer a powerful confrontation to other world models together with stimulating and effective teamwork :

  • Meetings with inspirational entrepreneurs and corporate leaders
  • Exposure to disruptive business approaches
  • Creative action-learning settings

Companies visits

Companies visits represent 70% of the working time during the Learning Expedition. We pay specific attention to mix meetings with top leaders as well as interactive sessions with peers of the participants.

Digital support

During the preparation phase as well as the LX itself and the follow up Forthomme Partners’s consultants accompanies participants with a specific digital support enabling pre hand information and exchange about the companies visited and the topics explored, interactive and dedicated platform allowing remote action learning at every step of the proces, capitalization of the material created by participants.

Facilitation sessions

Debriefing sessions are held regularly in order to allow individual and collective learning.

Creative design

At the end of the Learning Expedition, our consultants facilitate creativity sessions enabling to build action plans inspired by the learnings of the seminar

  • Access field intelligence of the chosen topics
  • Create individual and collective reflection
  • Build a common vision
  • Constructive and dynamic questioning of traditional attitudes and habits
  • Innovative thinking in dealing with emerging strategic and operational challenges
  • Development of collective intelligence

Digital Revolution, new business models (shared economy, circular economy ), innovation and excellence, emerging needs in mature markets (ex : silver economy). See Learning Expedition examples for more information.